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180 Jobs

Have you ever signed on to do exactly the opposite of what you love?

I’ve been there. I call them 180 jobs. They’re the EXACT opposite of what we want to do with our lives, but they pay.

Would you believe that my original, very logical plan for my life was to grow up to be a veterinarian? I enrolled in my local community college as a PreVet major - then promptly spent every waking moment either on a stage or the art studio. I enlisted in the Army as a Military Intelligence Analyst - then spent most of my time performing, coaching, designing, writing and helping others reverse-engineer success.

Why does it seem that the reasonable jobs in well-paid industries are always the jobs we go for, (people have got to eat, right?) and they are also the jobs we HATE! We aren’t meant to hate our life’s work. If you hate your job, then maybe it’s not YOUR job - it’s someone else’s. Someone who, unlike you, might love it.

Our lives are always trying to tell us exactly what shape we’re supposed to take and what mission we’re supposed to follow. Growing up isn’t about racking up degrees and training certificates - it’s about learning to listen deeply to the person we are supposed to be. I’d love to hear about a time when you worked a 180 job, doing exactly the opposite of what you love to do. 

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