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A Little Salt

Are you getting enough salt?

Not the edible kind, but that grimy residue that's left behind when a Hater-Aide spill dries.

The salt you're served from nay-sayers can be a great jump-off for affirmations.

Here's some of the tasty tidbits I've been gifted:

"No one would ever pay to hear what you have to say."

Affirmation Remix: My words have tremendous value

"You don't know how to sell."

Affirmation Remix: I sell with confidence

"You want to be an entrepreneur? Why don't you go back to school and become a graphic designer. Or a resume writer. That shouldn't be too hard for you."

Affirmation Remix: I AM an entrepreneur, I AM fully trained to deliver value and NOTHING is too hard for me.

"Your target clients don't need you and would never pay for what you offer even if they did."

Affirmation Remix: I deliver tremendous value to my clients and they are willing to invest in themselves by buying my services.

"You're a confidence coach? [enter your job here title!] So you don't make ANY money, do you?"

Affirmation Remix: I am fierce, and I earn every dollar I'm worth and love the process.

As they say, Haters gonna hate - but don't just Shake it off - turn it around and use the salt you're served to season the feast of your success.

Do you smell what's cooking?

What salt-in-the-wound Hater-Aide comment are you going to remix?

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