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Accelerating your Hustle

I’m a movie junkie.

I love the scene in the movie The Blindside where the tiny, outspoken rich kid is coaching Michael Ohr to greatness. “Speed kills, baby!” I love the conviction in his voice when he says it. Like it is a fact of nature like sunrises, sunsets and sequels that suck.

Here’s the thing: It IS a fact. In business world, it’s called, “Speed of execution,” and creative entrepreneurs aren’t expected to have it. Creative people are represented as being mood-driven and waiting for the Muse to appear before they can begin any new project.

When was the last time anyone ran a successful business by waiting on the mood to strike?

When you have an idea - DO IT. Execute. Move on it. Create space in your day to just DO new things with blinding speed.

That speed kills procrastination, it kills “I can’t,” and if you learn from your mistakes, it kills novice faster than the best course you can take.

Another great piece of the movie was when Michael got decked out with a new wardrobe, unlike anything he’d had before.

From that point forward, he carried himself differently, spoke with more confidence and believed in his own sense of commitment. Your swagger matters.

If you can’t afford a new wardrobe - buy new underwear that your future self would love. (I’m serious - it works!) Reach forward in time, grab a piece of the swagger you’ll rock when you have achieved your dreams, and bring it into your daily life.

My future self loves a crisp button-down shirt. What kind of swag does your future self love?

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