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Define Commision

In the last post I talked about why “Client,” and “Sell,” aren’t quite the black-and-white terms we’re used to. Today, two words that are going to start making you happier than ever before.

Why the Word “Client,” Should Give Your the Warm Fuzzies

According to good old etymonline.com, “client,” comes from, “cluere,” which is perhaps a variant of present participle of cluere"listen, follow, obey" or, more likely, from clinare "to incline, bend.” . . .The ground sense apparently is of one who leans on another for protection.

Awwwwwwwwwww. A client is some one who leans on you, trusts you, listens to you, and follows where you lead them. Awwwwwwwww. Lot’s of Warm Fuzzies.

How does that sound compared to, “customer?"

The Greatness of Commissions

Let’s look at one last word, then I promise I’ll stop the death-by-definition. You’ve probably heard by now that the highest paid person in any company isn’t the CEO, it’s the head sales person. But how do salespeople get paid? While some get salary or a mixed deal, our usual idea of a salesperson is someone who gets paid by commission. The more you sell the more you earn.

Guess what. As an entrepreneur, you too are getting paid by commission. Only very poor business people plop every dollar from their business strait into their pockets as if it were a 9-5 paycheck. Entrepreneurs know that if their business is going to grow to the point of self-sufficiency, they have to pay themselves a percentage of revenue and invest the rest back into their business.

Thus, for every hard-earned customer, client or passive income ping that hits your inbox, you get a commission.

But let’s look at that word.

According to wiktionary.org, “commission,” is from Latin commissio (“sending together; commission”).

Think of when people actually had to GO places to deliver a message. You’d stand a much better chance of getting there alive if someone was commissioned to go with you. When someone pays your commission, your fee, or your rates - they have agreed to, "go with you,” on whatever journey you are taking them on. The journey to better health, a more authentic visual representation through photography, deeper levels of self exploration . . .whatever journey you’ve invited them to, when they pay you money, they’re saying, “yes,” in full knowledge that they are probably paying more for the convenience or luxury of going with you than it would cost them to go it alone. (More on that later).

Which one sounds more exciting:


Taking someone else’s hard-earned money for something you really wish you could share for free.

or this,


Taking the time to develop a trust-relationship with an individual and accepting payment as a sign of their trust and the value they place on the relationship.

Developing clients and earning commissions laced with the milk of human acceptance is a great feeling even if you’re lactose intolerant. Next up, we’ll talk about two intense tools that will help you actually start getting big love from your clients on a consistent basis.

So here’s the question of the day:

Based on the definitions of customer and client, how would you classify the last 5 people to pay you money for what you do. Were they customers, or were they clients?

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