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Do Your Projects have Purpose?

Are each of your projects aligned with a clear purpose?

Try these 4 quick steps to help you get more punch out of your projects.

On a blank page write Project:

(This is important because a Project is a group of distinct tasks with their own requirements, not just one big blob of to-to. Admitting that something is a project can help us feel more accomplished at the end of the day when we’re only 20% done.)

Under your Project and title, write Purpose:
Ge expressive! If it takes a whole paragraph to explain your, “why,” great! Expressing your purpose will help you stay that much more commited to getting things done.
Under Purpose, write the Deadline for completion. After all goal without a date is just a fantasy.
Finally, jot down a quick Outline of the tasks needed to complete the project, what those entail and any schedule constraints (e.g., the florist is only open until 2PM on Tuesdays).
By committing to your projects in an organized, deliberate way, you’re taking them out of the mental clutter and creating a clear pathway to accomplishing your tasks.

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