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Focus Vs Hustle

Can we talk about feelings for just a quick second?

Well not just feelings, but feelings and focus.

What if I suggested that Feelings and Focus are more powerful in our lives than Hustle and Grind?

I get that it’s cool to talk about our Hustle, and our Side Hustle, and post our Hashtag Soup about how we’re “on our Grind."

But you know, everything I’ve ever earned through hard work and determination has been just that - HARD. Exhausting. Unfulfilling.

Ultimately, everything I’ve ever earned by grinding has been a slippery slope to a harder grind just to keep it.

For a long time I believed the myth that hard work, determination and an education were the keys to success.

But, I bet if you look over at your Facebook Friends list, most of the people on that list work 40 or more hours per week, they have goals and resolutions and they most likely went to college at some point.

If hard work is the key to success than why do so many of our friends and family members struggle, stress and express their dissatisfaction in life with pounds on their waistlines, tension in their necks and “I wish,” statements falling so easily from their lips?

I’ve worked very, very hard for things before. It sucked.

There have been other times when nothing I did felt like work.

Those are the times in my life when I believed so hard in my ability to obtain my desired outcome, I could FEEL it.

I felt it in my muscles. I felt it in my emotions - and it felt so good, I couldn’t help but GRIN from ear to ear. And not a cute grin either. Like a super dorky mad-hatter grin.

One, simple FOCUS; one OUTCOME I wanted more than anything.

I wasn't focused on the steps. I wasn’t scheming. I wasn’t planning and I certainly wasn’t grinding.

You know what? I’ve never once missed a goal I Focused and Felt. Not once.

That’s what it feels like to BELIEVE. After that, the rest is easy.

I think we can Hustle and Grind ourselves into an early grave.

I think we can use Strategies and Systems and Steps till the cows come home and maybe we’ll achieve our goals that way, maybe we won’t.

I can tell you, I’d rather be totally Focused on something I can Feel, and commit to getting that outcome, no matter what.

That tops Hustle and Grind any day.

What are you dreaming of today that makes you grin like you finally got that joke that went over your head the first time?

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