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Give Yourself a Break

You’ve been there.

You set a goal to market so many ways, to go to so many events, put your card in so many places, blog so many posts . . . and then you don’t one day.

That day turns into a week. That week turns into never.

Oh sure you think about it. You get ready to. You try to. But the shame of breaking a chain of wins has immobilized you, shamed you, drained you and convinced you that you SUCK at what you really want to do.

That’s me when it comes to posting in Facebook groups. Even my own.

What graphic will I use?

What if no one comments or likes?

What if I say something stupid and EVERYONE is WATCHING?

Listen to me creative entrepreneur. Everyone is NOT watching you fail. No one is paying any attention to you when you are not showing up. They’ll notice it the first few times, but then they will forget about you. No one is sitting and silently judging you for an less-than-amazing posting schedule or for wording things in a way that would make your 7th grade Lit teacher cringe.

When you DO start posting on the schedule that fits you, when you do start showing up, we’ll be here. The world will be waiting, and they will be listening to YOU because you had the confidence to SHOW up and KEEP showing up.

Don’t feel bad about the posts you’ve missed. The graphics you didn’t edit, the music you didn’t rehearse today, the photo shoot that didn’t go the way you planned it.

When the weekend is coming - don’t let it kill your productivity. 

Acknowledge you missed the mark, then GET BACK IN THE GAME.

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