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Go Ahead - Be Disliked

Before I started my business, people told me, "Be very careful what you do with your hair and clothes, you don't want to come off as too intimidating."

Ladies, I'm 6'5, I wear heels, and thanks to the Army, I can shoot just about anything with a trigger.

I used to display my expert-qualified M-9 targets full of head shots in my garage and leave the door wide open.

I can tell you my pre-schooler and I never had the slightest trouble with would-be vandals or break-ins even in bad neighborhoods.

I dedicated a year of my twenties to delivering a punch so accurate and efficient it could blow out a candle flame without moving more than three inches.

My drill sergeants nick named me, "Spartan," in Basic Combat training.

I'm a mother, a soldier and a deeply spiritual soul. And the focus of my branding needs to be on becoming less intimidating??!!

Have the confidence to be who you ARE. If someone doesn't like the true you - they don't have to buy from you!

My business is stripped down. Minimal. Clean. Spartan.

And that's the way, uh huh uh huh I like it.

What do you need to blow up in your business so the real you can come through and be fierce?

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