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Grow Your Glow

Dear Creative,

Your value is not like a social media account. It cannot be deleted.

Yet sometimes we unfriend ourselves.

We unsubscribe from posts made by our inner guidance system.

We block confidence entirely.

We follow our negative thoughts

We boost our insecurities and we pin our failures to come back and look at them later.

Do you have a mood board full of self hate?

I did.

I was live-streaming my depression 24-7 to anyone who would tune in.

The pressures of bills, kids, health, and relationships became bigger in my eyes than what I wanted to represent in life.

My confidence took a huge hit as I moved further and further from my identity and started following, liking, copying and envying everyone who seemed to have achieved everything I hadn't.

You know what? Not being yourself sucks.

Like yourself. Turn up the volume on the embedded images that only your close friends can see.

Connect with those who will tell you, "You can."

Make a date to do something nice for yourself every single night before you go to bed.

Wherever you are in your business, whether you had a big rush of customers last month and you're wondering how you can keep up the pace, or even if you've hung out your shingle for the first time and you're hearing crickets, things will only feel possible if you're friends with yourself.

Be brave, creative entrepreneur. Grow your glow.

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