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Own the Moments

Oh dear, I’m a bit underdressed.

I don’t have a photo to share of a diamond necklace on my neck as I sit with both arms raised in a triumphant V, atop a Porsche on a beach under a golden sunset.

I have never had a six-figure day. (Yet).

I do not have a glowing page full of sexy testimonials from top names.

When you try to get to my website from my Facebook profile, the link may not even work.

Why do I even bother showing up?

Because I once used the tools of confidence, know-how and visualization to go from being an abandoned, homeless teenager to owning my own home, my own like-new car (completely paid off) with zero consumer debt.

I manifested the ability to buy whatever I wanted, vacation how I wanted, and live in complete freedom. I once reserved an entire spa for an exclusive weekend of pampering for a friend facing a tough divorce.

I went from living on one snack cake a day to being able to drop 5-figures on a single purchase without so much as making a dent in my monthly finances.

And then I lost it all.

I got too comfortable and stopped using the tools that built my success.

I got cocky.

I was so arrogant that one day I even said, “I don’t HAVE problems. I let my money do my talking for me."

Pride goes before the fall, right?

It was humbling to lose all the trappings of success. (Yes even the sunset-beach.)

But when everything was stripped away, I was left with the same reality that allowed me to amass my tiny fortune by the time I was 23.




Today, ten years later, my goal is to help 100 creative entrepreneurs find their, “Yes.”

I want them to know, as I knew, even when I was sleeping in empty break rooms at colleges, that your circumstances do not define your success. You do.

How you live in each moment is how you live your life.

Success is not a destination.

It is a choice you make in each moment of your life.

When I owned precious little else, I made the choice to own my moments.

Success is made from moments.

You have the same choice, right now, to build your success story. Take it.

Own your moment.

I know that you have power, success and impact inside you.

Own it.

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