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Staying in the Game When You're SICK

You’re rocking and rolling, getting things done and showing up BIG in the world when . . .

You wake up and find that your body has decided to call in sick without your permission.

Here are 3 ways to bounce back faster, because we entrepreneurs don’t get sick days.

1 - Forgo the temptation to douse yourself in chemical-laced medicines. These medicines may take the edge of your system, but they also put a strain on your organs, weakening your system. Instead reach for natural organic Bone Broth (Google the recipe its super easy to make and it smells amazing), Coconut oil and herbal teas. I reach for echinacea when I feel a funk coming on.

2 - We all have jam packed schedules full of webinars, workouts and what not. Figure out which ones are essential to the fate of the free world, and which ones are just on your personal, “But I Gotta,” list. I’ve yet to hear of any companies that crashed due to that afternoon when the CEO was out with a cold. Delegate where you can, reschedule where you can’t and find a way to touch base with people who attended one-time events that you had to miss.

3 - Resting is a tough one for us entrepreneurs. Social media posts, phone calls and project management are not resting, even if you do them in your pajamas. Set aside time to unplug and truly REST. If you’re only able to “spare,” one hour to rest, make sure it’s uncluttered by to-dos and last-minute tasks.

Bonus tip:

For better rest, block out 90 minute sleep blocks instead of 1-hour blocks. An hour nap is really more of a 45 minute nap once you finally doze off - landing you right in the middle of a sleep cycle when you awake, leaving you more exhausted than before you dozed.

It may take you a few minutes longer to get to sleep than you think with your to-do list on full buzz in your brain, so allow 15 minutes of wiggle room and a 90 minute sleep window. You’ll know it worked if you, “Pop” awake just before your alarm, feeling refreshed.

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