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Turning Thoughts into Action

"How do I capture all these great ideas and actually have time to go back and READ them, let alone act on them!?!?" We get ideas from the amazing people in our Facebook groups, from articles we read online, from inspiring messages we here. Let's face it, we're a creative bunch, we have ideas all day long. Some we will write down, some will be forgotten. Some will linger with us long enough to incubate into a book or an e-course or a great conversation with a mentor. But do you have a system for turning THOUGHTS into ACTIONS, reliably, everyday?

When we get a backlog of ideas, it can make us feel like we are always BEHIND. Like we always have more to do than we have hours in the day, and we become frustrated because our ideas show up only for a moment. Its like our ideas get USED to being forgotten and set them selves to auto-dump, the harder we work.

That great book you've been wanting to write, that course or that marketing strategy keeps dancing right on the edge of your awareness, all day long while the phone is ringing, the kids are asking for snacks, the dinner is burning or the printer is jammed again. Then when you have a quiet moment (like that ever happens) you turn your attention to your creative ideas and they're . . .GONE.

If there was a system that didn't require fancy tabs, folders, apps, bells or whistles that could help you out your ideas to work for you, would you want to know?

If you could train your brain to remember simple steps that made ideas into actions . . .would that be important to you in your busy creative, entrepreneurial lifestyle?

My method for processing ideas consists of recognizing when I'm making an Observation. I call my system ORTIA R. TOPS - which makes me feel like it's a friendly old lady with a weird name.

O. - Observe - Take note of whatever is dive-bombing your brain.

R. - Reaction - What's your gut telling you about your observation?

T. - Thought - What other concepts come jumping up and down to your brain about it? (Yes - you DO get to go on rabbit trails here - just write where you're going so you can find your way back!)

I. - Idea - What jumps into your head to DO about all these concepts?

A. - Action - What can you DO about these things RIGHT NOW? (Or schedule).

R. - What kind of research do you need to do about all this? By when?

T. - Test - This is where you find out if whatever you decided to DO was effective

O. - Observe again - Did you get where you were trying to go with this thought or thoughts?

P. - Principle - What's the repeatable life principle you can take to the bank from all of this?

S. - Share what you learned while its fresh, this allows it to stick in your brain and ALSO opens you up to being challenged, which allows your thoughts to earn their keep by being proven right, wrong or debatable. 

This is how I turn ideas to ideas that stick - How do YOU take charge of your the idea-vomit our brains spew out daily?

If you've got a dynamite ideas-to-actions game plan already, please share! 

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