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What to Do When You Get the Blues

Every now and then we all get the Entrepreneur Blues.

When you hit the pit of “Why am I even doing this,” here are three fast pick-me-ups to launch you back toward your, “Yes!"

1 - Taking a moment to do something fun can feel like an entrepreneurial crime. After all you have deadlines and a content strategy to worry about!

But doing something fun can be as quick and easy as taking yourself to a favorite bookstore or pouring a favorite cup of tea, or anything that instantly makes you smile.

I was going to say Youtube cat videos, but those can be addictive. Probably not the best idea.

2 - It is theoretically impossible to be focused on your own problems when you’re fully invested in doing something for someone else.

Write a card, send a message, send positive vibes - but get into a place where you are really engaged in thinking about that person.

Why do you like them?

What have they done in your life?

What was your favorite memory with them in it?

By switching off of your inner negativity channel, you free up your brain to make happy chemicals again.

3 - Somewhere along the way, you put in writing who you are, what you believe and why you’re on this journey, right?

Take it out and look at it.

If you see it everyday, say it out loud - REALLY loud.

Jump up and say it.

Say it in a weird voice.

Pump your fists and do a happy dance like you achieved your life’s greatest victory, because, Dear One you DID. In this moment, you won. Life is merely a collection of moments to be lived. Savor your smile.

Go Ahead - Be Disliked

Own the Moments