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Why You Need to Burn Your Business Plan

Business Plans, Book Clubs, The Spiderman movies . . .all the things we think we can follow all the way through, only to find ourselves skipping around and just gritting our teeth until its finally done.

For all our great intentions, some things just sound a lot better in theory than in practice.

Fortunately, for busy people who actually want to BE in business and stop THINKING about being in business, there's the marvelous wonder known as a Business Model Canvas.

One page. One business. A million different uses.

Even if you've already launched a business, creating a business model canvas is like wearing one of those wrists bands that tracks your heart rate all the time so that if your heart stops beating, you'll know about it.  

Just as your health is worth improving and monitoring daily, a Business Model Canvas allows you to plan, track and tweak the basics of your business on an ongoing basis.

Learn more about the BMC here:

If you are an artist, a musician or a creative of any type and planning for your business makes you break out in hives, calm down. In this video I show you a painless way to create a snapshot of your business idea no matter where you are in the process.

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How to be Success-Brained. 5 Tools to Outsmart Your Inner Critic.

How to be Success-Brained. 5 Tools to Outsmart Your Inner Critic.