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Get Profitable Faster in your online business

Freelancer, Solopreneur, CEO of 1 - No matter what you call yourself, you've still got to face the fact that sometimes solopreneurship SUCKS.

Wasn't starting a business supposed to give you MORE freedom?

Share this event if you know someone who is self employed, but would love to lock down that nagging feast-or-famine insecurity, someone who is tired of feeling fear every time they step into business mode. 

Maybe you've feeling that fear right now.

The crippling fear that you're somehow standing on the hose and slowing your cash flow down to a trickle can drive you to some despearate things:
Dropping your business to join an MLM
Starting multiple businesses at once
Grabbing up courses like kids on candy from a piñata
Hiring any coach who looks like they know more than you do

If you're doing everything right, why is money moving so slowly? Why does it feel like you are the ONLY business owner still trying to figure it all out?

Because no one ever tells you that starting a one-person service-based business is DIFFERENT than creating products or running a brick-and-mortar. 

When you ARE the company - that's a lifestyle adjustment like college or parenthood or marriage - a whole new set of personal development muscles to flex.

No one tells you that your business is going to grow like a kid - that it feels painfully slow, but every time you turn around and really LOOK, you can't believe how much growth has really occured.

No one tells you that you have way more options for how to run your company than you ever thought possible.

July 25th, Get UNPLUGGED.

No more coaches. No more paid courses. No more self-help books - UNTIL you have a proven and tested STRATEGY that fits YOU.

You will never think about yourself, your business or your personal resourcefulness the same again.

Who you are now: Smart, Skilled, Frustrated, Fearful, Struggling and Overwhelmed.
Who you’ll be at the end of the program: Confident, Informed, Prepared, Practiced, and as much as it lies within me to make you so, Profitable.
Bottom Line Up Front:

This course is not for the faint of heart. You will WORK during this course and you will get out of it what you put into it.
If you approach the weekly sessions with a skeptical, pick-and-chose approach and make excuses about time constraints and distractions, I guarantee you WILL be disappointed in this program.
If you come to the sessions energized, fully present, ready to go to work and you execute ruthlessly week-by-week, you will wonder how you had the good fortune to discover this program when you did.
This is your business. You MUST be aggressive.
If you are willing to commit to aggressive, ruthless, ethical action for the duration of the course, we’ll get the results you’re after. I have every confidence of that.
Here’s some of what you’ll create in the program:

A visual self-tracking tool:
You MUST become an avid student of your own life for this time to be valuable to you. Check out my interview with Chris Pierce of the Brain Waves Performance Podcast where I discuss the importance of self-study. 
An active mentorship network:
We do really stupid, regrettable things when we don’t have great mentors in place. Choosing a mentor or coach can be tough if you don’t have a basis behind your choices. Check out my interview with Patrysha of Triumphant Tales on the importance of having a framework for choosing guidance. 
Specific Customer Development scripts:
Customer Development is KING when you’re starting a business. It can make the difference between wandering in an eternal feast or famine state and getting passionate repeat clients that you’re your brand’s praises. Check out this Client Success Spotlight all about Customer Development.
A Business Model Canvas:
If you’ve never heard of or used a Business Model Canvas, prepare for a monthly tool that will allow you to be smart about executing subtle changes in your business (so you can stop re-branding over and over). Check out the original YouTube video I created a while back explaining how to create a Business Model Canvas.
Compelling, well-delivered stories that draw your clients in:
The art of storytelling is not some magical skill that involves hurtling facts at your clients and hoping for the best. You’ll learn how to access visual and emotional language that is universally appealing.
Take my free Story telling 101 course here to get started improving your business story. 
Detailed Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats Assessment:
Once you’ve mastered this tool, you can use it to analyze your competitors and hone your own offerings for happier clients and a happier wallet. You don’t have to wait for the course to start to get this. Get your free S.W.O.T. assessment here
Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll accomplish when you follow the strategies in the program:
100 client touches (minimum) in Customer Development/Sales Development
Listen here to my interview with Joe Crane of Veteran on the Move where I explain how employing multiple client touches completely changed the direction of my business and brand. 
A 90-day record of tangible accomplishments to use in attracting new clients, adjusting your goals and zeroing in on your high-energy zone.
Listen to how a 90-day session impacted one of my favorite solopreneurs
Tried, true reach based on accessing your target market with depth and confidence. 
Check out this Client Success Spotlight which describes making the most of hidden market opportunities
“But I can’t afford it . . .”

Being “able to afford,” something is normally relative to how badly we want it. We find ways to invest in the things that are most important to us, especially when the investment can be easily recouped.
Here’s how you decide if this program is worth it to you. 
Let’s say the value of your average sale is $250 for an hour-long session.
We’ll be doing a MINIMUM of 100 client touches during the program. At $250 each, for this program to pay for itself, you’d need to gain an additional 1 single-session client each week over he course of our 90 days of strategy work together to completely pay for itself in the short term. 
Assuming you’re a service-based entrepreneur offering weekly billing over a 90-day term, by adding even ONE extra client to your business by using the strategies in the program, again, the course pays for itself.
Now lets assume you’re a retail-based entrepreneur whose top-selling product is $27. Using the strategies in the program to land one corporate client with a bulk order of 125 of your product, again, pays for the program.
Now what realistically, are the chances that if you were fully involved in a comprehensive strategy program, you wouldn’t be able to use the tools tips and tactics you learned to land even ONE client out of the ONE HUNDRED client touches you’ll complete over the course of 16 weeks?
You do the math. To me It’s kind of a no-brainer.
There are a limited number of spaces in this program. Sign up now
Once you master the tools in the program, it will continue to pay for itself again and again. This is one investment that’s guaranteed to pay dividends when you commit to your success.
If you’re wondering who I am to promise all this, you can have a look at my qualifications here
If you’re not ready to invest in your growth and acceleration right now, I strongly encourage you share this opportunity with other solopreneurs, and sign up for the weekly Solopreneur Intelligence Report to stay current on news you can use as a solo entrepreneur, Freelancer or CEO of One. 

How to Choose a Coach

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Client Spotlight: How Dreaming Big Turbo-Charges confidence