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How to Sketch out a Launch Idea

Sketch out your ideas in living color. Just not with those super cheap crayons that draw funny.

Sketch out your ideas in living color. Just not with those super cheap crayons that draw funny.

Your Thing should be a smaller outpouring of your business’s Core Message. If you want a fancy word for that, it’s a "microcosm”.

Please resist the urge to launch something into the world that has zero relation to your existing body of work. Find the thread that your brain was following when it led you to create this new Thing.

  • Sketch out how your Thing relates to your main topic and how it goes deeper into particulars. (Mind maps are great for this)

  • Outline what your Thing will do or cover

  • Decide the audience, the purpose and the outcome of your product.

    Here’s how you’ll know this step is complete:

    You should be able to deliver a clear 5-minute speech from your product sketch that summarizes all the highlights of your Thing. 

Here's an example:

My Core Message is that Solopreneurs and Startups have more in common than we think.

My Topics might be:

  • Strategic Planning for Solo Startups
  • Client Acquisition for Solo Startups
  • Social Media for Solo Startups

ach of which would have a ton of sub-topics. 

One way to create a meaningful 5-minute talk from this outline would be to:

1. Create a One-Hour talk, timed and delivered.

2. Take that same One-Hour talk, cut the fluff and make it a Thirty Minute Talk, Times and delivered.

3. Take that Thirty Minute Talk and make it a TEDx - style talk.

4. Turn that TEDx-Style Talk into a 5 minute Cliff Notes version.

Sound like a lot of work? It is. But you will know your topic backwards and forwards, inside and out. Say good-bye to that tiny little stammer, the dilated pupils and the sweaty palms you try to hide when someone asks you for the short description of your Thing, without all the proud-parent-prattling.

Now you're prepared to pick your audience!

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