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When The Feels Get in The Way

Photo by Matthew Wiebe, who's really a videographer, but he takes cool photos too.

Photo by Matthew Wiebe, who's really a videographer, but he takes cool photos too.

Pre-launch jitters.

Cold feet.


The Apocalypse.


Call it what you will, but your feelings WILL find a way to trip you up during your launch.

There will always be SOME reason to push Launch Day back.

Here’s what Feelings and First Launches do when they play together:

You’re gearing up for Launch Day, which feels like a distant fantasyland right now, and all of a sudden you start feeling like maybe this wasn’t a great idea.

Maybe the timing’s off.
Maybe you need to hire a graphic designer first.
Maybe you should wait until after the school year starts.

Right after Maybe moves into your mind, next comes good old Cousin If.

If everything goes well, you’ll launch in 12 weeks. If you can get traction you’ll fill the course.
If you stop feeling overwhelmed you’ll be more productive.

Suddenly the hard-start date becomes something you can move around on the calendar whenever Maybe and If tell you to.

That’s not going to get you where you’re going, friend.

During your first launch, I assure you, you WILL make embarrassing mistakes. You WILL make social media posts that don’t get so much as a single, “Like”. You WILL feel like pushing your start date back because, after all, you set the date. It’s arbitrary. You can change it, right?


The key to a successful launch is to stop FEELING like you MIGHT botch things and go ahead and botch them!

Make those mistakes! Lean in and learn from your failures so that you can become a master Launch Artist.

There is no other short cut.

Check in with your gut, and when your gut says do something quick, immediate and in the moment DO IT!

If your mind sneaks in disguised as your gut and tells you to add 24 more pages to your 5-step guide just cause – make a note to hash that out on your NEXT launch.

Commit to your launch, for better or worse.

Mark that launch date on the calendar with one of those needlessly huge Sharpie Markers.

Then tune in to the rest of the series to get the help you need to hit that target.

Let’s get you started on your 12-week countdown. 

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