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How to Launch Like a Boss

Photo by "Crew." If you don't know who those guys are, first of all, Seriously? Secondly, they created Unsplash, in its entirety. You're welcome.

Photo by "Crew." If you don't know who those guys are, first of all, Seriously? Secondly, they created Unsplash, in its entirety. You're welcome.

The first two weeks of any launch are absolutely crucial to making the rest of the launch flow.

You’ll have 4 major tasks to get through in the first 14 days:

1. Sketching the Idea
2. Handpicking your audience
3. Creating a Minimum Viable Product
4. Telling your Inner Circle that you’re creating wonders


1. Sketching the Idea

Nine times out of ten we THINK we know exactly how our ideas will behaved when they're exposed to oxygen. 

When we bring our ideas out in to the light of day, what normally happens is closely related to scenarios in which you try to get a friend to think of the name of a song by, "Humming a few bars." What's crystal clear in your head is clear as mud to everyone outside the circumference of your skull.

This is why sketching out your idea in a concrete outline is the first step to spotting any holes that can trip up your planning and execution in the coming weeks. 

2. Handpicking the Audience

Launches need a LOT of eyeballs to work properly. Like, a LOT, a LOT. With a 1% conversion rate from most email-list marketing, think about how many people you'd need to:




Of all your followers on social media, how many are interested enough in you to actually read what you're posting?

Of those who read, how many are going to engage enough to even click, "Like," or open your emails?

Of those who engage, how many will actually  stop what they're doing and BUY? 

Suddenly those 300 email subscribers and 3,000 Twitter followers aren't looking like the goldmine you thought they'd be.

Sheer numbers don't matter in your groups, on your pages, platforms or even in your live speaking engagements unless you can CONVERT them.

In the early days of your business, you can't simply build a lead magnet, start sending fancy automated emails and wait for the dollars to roll in. Despite what you'll read in every marketing guru freebie guide ever written, that's not how it works.

That's why you're so frustrated right now and why your cash flow seems to be dammed somewhere upstream.

You're measuring your impact in eyeballs when you need to be measuring it in Rips Given.

Until you learn to teach YOUR audience to listen up every time you speak, you're not going to gain a ton of traction by speaking into the ether with a megaphone.

3. Creating a Minimum Viable Product

I know your idea came to you in a big, warm, fuzzy mass, but you're going to need to make some changes to it.

You can't just throw your warm fuzzy mass at people's heads if you don't have a trained audience.

You've got to give out bite-sized samples, which feels like being a total barbarian in the early stages.

How can you hack up your perfect idea into bits? Relax, you don't have to. You need to dehydrate it and hit it with a shrink ray, instead. (It's far less messy).

What's the essence of your Thing? What's the smallest possible version of it that would allow people to understand the whole? THIS is what you'll pitch at your audience. Reducing your idea to an MVP will save you time, work and cash on the long run.

4. Tell your Inner Circle that You're Creating Wonders

Who do you trust? Who likes every post you've ever written, but doesn't know what you look like in a speedo? THAT's who you'll test your Idea out on.

Close friends and family have a tendency to affirm us and validate us out of love, regardless of whether are ideas are actually valid, so steer clear of asking the Comfort Crew for feedback when finding out whether your Idea will live to become a Thing. 

By the same token, don't take your precious idea and pitch it to total strangers. Find allies and colleagues who are unflinchingly honest and concerned with your best interests. Your initial test group need not be more than a handful of people.

Here's a quick guide to finding your first Mini-Beta crew.

This is a lot to get done in two weeks time, but there's a reason for the rush. If you take more than two weeks to complete these four steps you run a serious risk of procrastination sniffing you out, chasing you down and crushing you under its giant butt. Get moving, and keep moving fast. By front-loading these tasks, you'll have kicked off your 12 Week launch with a major bang.

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