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Client Spotlight: How Dreaming Big Turbo-Charges confidence

Client Spotlight: How Dreaming Big Turbo-Charges confidence

Author of free resource, “The 10 Secrets of Organic Confidence,” Anna Saldi is a Confidence mentor dedicated to propelling every woman towards her goals. We met online when I followed her Periscope broadcasts to her ultra-detailed blog that breaks confidence down into a science for high-powered ladies.

The Challenge:

Formerly branded under bold name, “The Boss Bitch,” Anna was looking to upscale her positioning to match her new self-named website, launching The Confidence Blog with a bang.

As a very get-it-done personality, Anna was frustrated that the rebranding process seemed to be dragging on slowly.

Anna needed a quick way to make her brand talk to the RIGHT people to create immediate success and forward momentum.

The Solution:

In a sea of confidence coaches, we needed to make Anna stand out fast.

These days anyone can Google search the ins and outs of creating a brand positioning statement, they usually look something like this:

My Brand provides, THESE types of FOLKS with this One-of-a-Kind STUFF better than every other brand like mine in my INDUSTRY by doing THIS, THIS and THIS.


But when you’re a new business owner a little something like this happens. Someone says:“Define your niche!” so you decide who you think you’d work best with or who you’d be excited about.

Then somebody says: “Define what you do!” so you create either a super generic title or a triple-decker feature length title with extra sprinkles. Either way you still usually end up sounding exactly like everyone else in your industry.

To get Anna out of Brand-Purgatory, we had to do some digging.

The Process:

Every Here-to-There “breakthrough" session, begins with some very intense background work, flexing the nerdy analyst muscles I developed during my time in Military Intelligence. The process looks like this:

1. Gather an intensive visibility profile using SECONDARY research. 2. Set the session agenda based on the BIG problem 3. Discover the REAL problem BEHIND the problem at hand 4. Identify the strengths, tools, and channels available to make IMMEDIATE changes

In Anna’s case, she does a FANTASTIC job of being thorough and visible online, from her Periscope episodes (HANDLE) , to her extremely professional LinkedIn profile. Between a great conversation we’d had earlier when Anna completed the Free Storytelling Bootcamp, and the detailed history on LinkedIn it became obvious that Anna is a unusually good at delivering highly detailed information to people in high-stress professional fields like the world of finance!

Not only does Anna have an amazing back story of her own confidence journey, she has an extremely solid network of connections in a field in which confidence can make the difference between landing the big promotion and getting the big chop.

The Strategy Being a new entrepreneur by NO MEANS equates to being a new kid on the block.

Today’s entrepreneurs aren’t your average idealistic dreamers, they’re high-achievers with a track record of success in life.

Anna has the credentials, the connections and the personality type to attract high-profile clients and create amazing outcomes.

Starting a business from the ground up can be a slow process in the beginning, but because Anna’s foundation was rock-solid, we were able to create some quick-attack tactics to allow her to SEE the real-time progress her ultra-achiever side was craving.

Tactics: 1. Start using live networking to take advantage of the highly out-of-sight-out-of-mind world her clients inhabit 2. Use easy home-studio hacks to immediately give a high-quality vibe to her live streamed and video productions 3. Put the minimalist feel of certain social media platforms to good use in building a non-nonsense brand 4. Create a 3-year Mega-Goal

The most fun aspect of Anna’s quick session was creating an impossible-sounding 3 year objective that was 100% in line with not only her future business goals, but the success she’s already created in the past.

The Take-Aways:

Even if your old career is years behind you, don’t count out your network as a source of immediate feedback in shaping your brand.

When day-to-day operations feel like a drag, sometimes raising the stakes on the long-term goal can lend some juice to more immediate tasks.

Never underestimate the value of a few inexpensive tweaks early on when solidifying your brand- these may save you time AND money, allowing you to hit the ground running once you’ve found that highly coveted Product-Market fit.

Here’s Anna’s what Anna has to say about our session together.

Follow Anna at The Confidence Blog at www.annasaldi.com and also on

Twitter: @Anna_Saldi

Periscope: @Anna_Saldi

Instagram: @Anna_Saldi

Don’t forget to check out Confidence Mentor Anna Saldi's free guide: The 10 Secrets of Organic Confidence.

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