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Client Spotlight:  Getting Aggressive with Winning Clients

Client Spotlight: Getting Aggressive with Winning Clients

Atim Effiong of EffiFit LLC is a powerhouse by every definition of the word.

Author of free resource, “12 Strategies to Lose Weight With a Busy Schedule,” Atim helps busy professionals get fit and healthy without the stress, overwhelm, and disappointment. 

We met online, where we were in many of the same virtual networking groups, and I was blown away by Atim’s fitness level, showcased on her Facebook page, www.facebook.com/effifit

The Challenge

Atim was looking to super charge her client attraction, getting more movement through her rapidly growing stockpile of tools, challenges and health information. Despite being VERY visible in social media and running regular free ladies only fitness bootcamps in Salt lake City’s Liberty Park - Atim still had more to give and was ready for more clients to give it to.

The Solution

Atim had done a great job of zeroing in on her ideal client, overworked professional women who’d put their fitness on the back burner while pursuing their career goals.

The website and branding at Effifit.com all told a consistent and professional story: If you need to get your health back in focus, Atim is trained and equipped to do just that.

The table was perfectly set, and the meal was on the table, but the guests weren’t sitting down to eat. It was time to ask them WHY.

There are plenty of survey tools and ways to gather information from general populations, but Atim had already done her homework on these general information types.

When you need SUPER specific feedback, nothing beats old school brute force: It was time for Customer Development.

According to serial entrepreneur Steve Blank, “There are no answers inside the building.” Blank advocates leaving your base of operations and asking questions of at least 100 people to validate your approach to any business problem.

The Process

Every Get-There-Faster “breakthrough" session, begins with some very intense background work, flexing the nerdy analyst muscles I developed during my time in Military Intelligence. The process looks like this: 

  1. Gather an intensive visibility profile using SECONDARY research. 

  2. Set the session agenda based on the BIG problem

  3. Discover the REAL problem BEHIND the problem at hand

  4. Identify the strengths, tools, and channels available to make IMMEDIATE changes

In Atim’s case, a picture was worth about 10,000 words. Her business avatar was a smiling, highly polished professional with a welcoming smile. Looking a little deeper, it became obvious that Atim was an all out BEAST, professionally and in her personal health and fitness journey. She wasn’t just walking her talk, she was RUNNING her talk, WITH a tractor tire belted to her waist - LITERALLY.

Reebok CrossFit Games boldly proclaims that it features “The fittest on earth”. Not far below this claim was a picture of Atim knocking out a KILLER CrossFit Workout that explains why in her #‎fitwitheffifit video tips, Atim looks less like an average health and stress management coach and more like a hall of fame athlete.

Atim’s personal fitness is off the charts, but there was another game-changer hiding behind the scenes of her polished website. Atim has both undergraduate and graduate level education in health and fitness, plus YEARS of experience in the actual RESEARCH and APPLICATION phase of public health and fitness. Atim even served as the Study Coordinator for a weight-loss intervention study for truck drivers! This lady knows her stuff!

Just a few highlights:


Atim has,

  • Designed and instructed group exercise classes

  • Helped implement a smoking cessation program

  • Conducted fitness assessments including body fat percentage, endurance, and muscular strength testing

  • Written fitness programs for clients

  • Participated in post-surgery cardiac rehab program research

  • Created a searchable health resource database focused on physical activity and nutrition for the state of Utah  

Atim has both the superpowers AND the utility belt full of crime-fighting gear.

So why weren’t the citizens to throwing their distress calls toward this health and fitness crusader? 


The Strategy

When you start a service-based business, in many ways you ARE the product to be validated. This can be tough because there are LOTS of facets of your story, skills and experience to bring to the table. How do you decide which ones to package into your business?

Start with Customer Discovery, asking 100 people specific questions, starting with the professional connections you already have that most closely resemble your target clients.


The Tactics

  1. Start getting inside the needs of doctorate-level clients

  2. Ask questions that get STORIES versus DATA

  3. Showcase the hard-core professional qualities behind the scenes

  4. Aggressively target THE clients who’d benefit MOST from the current programs available


Some people and their businesses are MAGNETS, meaning their story allows their target clients to quickly and easily find THEM. In Atim’s case, her target clients are BUSY, and not very likely to be searching far and wide for their future health coach. Even though hiring a health coach may be one of the best investments these clients ever make in the long run, chances are it’s just not on their radar yet.

For this reason, we took a different approach with Atim, instead of a MAGNET, I suggested she be a JUGGERNAUT - smashing through obstacles and objections to get HER people the high-powered coaching they need.


Because Atim is no stranger to playing the long game in developing raw power and applying her will to get her desired outcome, we discussed applying that same no-holds-barred approach in taking the coaching game TO the clients that need it most by getting To-The-person specific in her approach.

One of the great advantages of being a one-person business is that you’re more agile. 


Atim can pivot her approach, her offerings and her message based on the results of her 100 face-to-face interactions with the exact type of client she’ll be serving in her business.


The Take-Aways

  • Even if your old career is years behind you, don’t count out your network as a source of immediate feedback in shaping your brand.

  • Use your personal strengths as a multiplier in your branding

  • Be unapologetically nosy. Find out EXACTLY what clients do and don’t want from your business. The results may surprise you.


Here’s what Atim has to say about our session together!


Find Atim Effiong in all the places, doing all the things!

Website: www.effifit.com 

Twitter: @_effifit_

Facebook: www.facebook.com/effifit

Instagram: @_effifit_

Periscope: @effifit

and Youtube

Don’t forget to check out Atim Effifong's FREE Simplified Lose It Guide

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