Here's why you're still Google searching ways to grow your business, instead of actually GROWING your business.

I’m violently allergic to pitch emails and junk that starts out “Hello Gorgeous,” and other such greetings. They trigger my gag reflex.

Let's cut the crap for a second and get to what's really pissing you off and making you Google search for Business Coaches.

You started a business. Online. What could go wrong.

The Dream:

Because online business is low-overhead, you can work from anywhere and you're holding the purse strings, your business should grow like crazy.

There are thousands of people online who want what you offer. 

Because you set your own rates, you'll make TONS more than you would in a 9 to 5.

Once you get rolling, you'll be able to spend more time with your family, take sweet vacations, and finally start ENJOYING your life instead of collapsing face down still in your clothes at the end of each day.

The Reality:

The problem is, for the last several months, your online business has been limping along while you learn to do all THE OTHER stuff that comes with BEING the business. 

Instead of spending your time doing the client work you rock at you're busy doing this stuff:


Working social media

Trying to learn sales

Fighting with your website

Trying to "network," with people who have no CLUE what you do


When you finally land a client, the skies part, music rings out from the heavens and David Hasselhoff randomly appears and gives you a hearty high-five.

You're in business!

Then you finish the work and it's time to find the next client  again.

The choirs of singing angels all go home to watch Netflix and you're on your own.

Here we go again.

You keep digging in your heels and saying “Hopefully THIS year my business will make money.”

Just like you said last year. 

You make it look like you're 100% put together on your website and in social media. Your partner comes in, looks over your shoulder and congratulates you on landing ANOTHER unpaid gig, ANOTHER "exposure," piece, and finally getting 1,000 followers. 

But the second your partner is safely out of earshot, you're screaming “WTF, WTF, WTF!!!! Why can’t I get this RIGHT!!!” because you can't spend, "Likes," the pro bono work isn't leading to any paid clients and all the, "exposure," sure doesn't pay your overdraft fees.

Feast or famine sucks.

(So does all that stress-eating and how its making your waistline go whacko on top of everything else that's going on.)

You’d really love to be able to rely 100% on your business to pay for your lifestyle and a little extra, but so far the only "extra," is the extra time you spend trying to squeeze profits out of your company.

If you could wave a magic wand, you’d hire someone to handle the busy-work side of the business side so you could focus on doing what you do best: coaching, designing, speaking, creating.

The fact is, you can’t hire an assistant, or anybody else.

Your yearly cash flow looks like a lady bug, mostly red with a few black spots.

And deep down you are scared to death about what this means.

The Fears:

Are there really thousands of other online entrepreneurs making bank while you’re still banging your head against your laptop keys?

Are your in-laws right that you should just take that job as the admin assistant in the community college finance department?

Is all the money you spent on your education and on growing your business a giant gaping crater of wasted decisions?

Are your kids destined for a lifetime of eating dog food out of a can and singing cartoon theme songs for money on a street corner all because you just can’t get it together and make money online?

The Coping Mechanism: 

So you head to Google search where you find 50 kajillion blogs and websites with headlines like this:

5 amazing, hardcore tips to fix all your problems, now, you badass.

Why what you're doing every single day sucks (and how we know)

You're a friggin' loser but we can fix that (with our membership site)


There are SO. DANG. MANY. Options in your face.

Meanwhile, days go by without sales.

Hours go by while you try the latest, greatest tips, tricks and tools.

All while eating Ramen like a 2nd-year college student.


Let me save you some time.

All those magic-bullet solutions, all the gurus and all the advice boils down to this:


Build, Measure, Learn. Keep a handle on your numbers, and sell your ass off.

Every successful company since the dawn of EVER has run on these principles and online business is no different.

How do I know?


I'm T. A., your strategist, and I've been around the online space for a while. I built my first website in 1997, and I have been building, measuring and learning business models, mastering the internet and how to show up and get noticed ever since.

After spending the better part of a decade as a Military Intelligence professional and the better part of the next decade as a serial online entrepreneur, here's my advice to you: Take what you THINK you know about how the internet works, and all the marketing hacks that STILL haven't worked for your business and throw them out.




While you're at it, throw out all that vague crap you've heard like:

"Just add value in online groups to attract your ideal client."

"Sales is all about relationships"

"Fake it til' you make it."

"Charge what you're worth."

That stuff's about as useful as telling a kid, "You can be anything you want when you grow up." It's a great sentiment but how do you ACT on it???

That's where I come in.

I can't offer you a blanket solution. I can't offer you a magic bullet.

There were no magic bullets when I was put in charge of marketing development for my family's company at age 14, and there aren't any now.

(by the way that company is still going strong, 20 years later)

What I CAN offer you is major acceleration. 

I can offer you the same one-on-one approach that I've used to take people's careers from circling the drain to the top of their game.


If you want someone to show you how to go from barely getting by to making six figures this year, hire someone else.

Suddenly and drastically increasing your income without creating a framework for maintaining wealth is stupid, to me.

If you want someone who has helped increase people's earning potential by six figures over time, while growing the mindset needed to leverage that increase for growth, THAT I can do. 

Like you, I have a pretty strong hatred for the feeling of feast or famine, and living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Running out of money before you run out of month SUCKS, and it sucks worse when it's YOUR fault because you were the one running the business.

I want to take nearly 20 years of knowledge in strategy, small business, coaching, presentation skills and my no-crap attitude, and turn in it into the success you want in your online business.

I can't sit  over here on my computer and make decrees about what you should do with your online business.

I don't dispense generic advice. 

Deep down I'm still the same sergeant I was in the Military intelligence Corps and I still believe in getting shoulder-to-shoulder, and doing the hard work of creating breakthrough.

My strategy sessions are built exclusively on YOU and what you need to grow your online business when you ARE the business.

Here's SOME of what I can help you get your hands around in 12 weeks or less:

  • Measuring your business outcomes; keeping track of what you’re trying, what works and what doesn’t and why.

  • Picking ONE strategy at a time and following through. Aggressively. 

  • Growing a go-to list of people you can ask for advice when you're stuck.

  • Creating a system that keeps money flowing at all times, even when you can't say, "Business is good," with a straight face.

The point isn't to just RUN the business, it's to be PROFITABLE. That takes strategy.


Accelerate your business with a Strategy Program today.

Here's What it would look like to work together: